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There are so many benefits to being grateful for what we have today. To experience and maintain these benefits one just needs to take a little time each day to focus on all that is good in life. We all have things to be happy about, if we look for them. Giving thanks can change your life for the better in many ways. You might write in a gratitude journal or simply take some quiet time to acknowledge all that you have.

Though there are many more, here are 10 benefits that a gratitude attitude provides:

    • Improved overall health

      Gratitude lifts us up and gives us more energy. We come to value our health more and take better care of ourselves. Research confirms it reduces depression and increases happiness.

    • Increased mental strength

      For years, research has shown gratitude not only can reduce stress but that it may also play a major role in overcoming trauma.  A 2003 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology determined that gratitude was a major contributor to resilience following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Focusing on what you have to be grateful for —even at the most challenging times—nurtures resilience.

    • Better sleep

      Numerous studies have also proven that writing in a gratitude journal improves sleep. Spending just 15 minutes each night writing down a couple things you are grateful for could promote better and longer sleep because it induces relaxation.

    • Optimism

      Feelings of gratitude result in our feeling more optimistic. And optimism in turn makes us happier, enhances our health and has been shown to increase lifespan for at least a couple years. A couple minutes of daily gratitude is surly worth that result.

    • Attract people 

Gratitude simply makes us nicer, more social, more trusting people. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and they do when we express gratitude.

  • Goal achievement  

    In one study, participants were asked to write down goals they wished to accomplish over the next couple months. Those who were told to write in a gratitude journal reported more progress achieving their goals at the end of the study. I would guess that feeling gratitude kept them more positive and that helped them progress more than those not focusing on gratitude.

  • Enhanced decision making 

    Decision making can be challenging and tiring – so tiring that we sometimes let our subconscious make some of our decisions. When we feel grateful and show others we are grateful for them, it energizes us and puts us in a more positive place. In turn, our minds are clearer and able to make better decisions.

  • Increased productivity  

    Gratitude has been shown to increase self-esteem and reduce insecurity, which helps us focus and improve our productivity.

  • Better networking 

    Studies show that gratitude increases social behavior and therefore enables us to be more social. It makes us friendlier and more appreciative of others which draws them to us. This is especially positive in networking with others.

  • More opportunities  

    All of the above benefits create a positive environment for us and that always provides for new opportunities.  People want to play and work with us, and support us when we need support.  Because they know we are grateful having them in our lives.

Certainly gratitude is not the cure for everything and won’t make life beautiful all the time.  But it is a great tool to improve our lives on a daily basis, as well as help us improve the lives of others.


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