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A good question to ask ourselves is what type of journey our life has been thus far.  Positive? Happy? Negative? Sad? Our answer to that question may differ depending on what is happening in our life right now. So I guess the better way to ask it is, overall what type of journey has your life been?  I believe the answer to that question is our choice. We make choices throughout our life, some big, some small, some really good, and some really bad.  Let’s face it, we’ve all screwed up from time to time.  And all our choices have consequences.

Hopefully, we continually learn from our choices and make better ones as we grow older. I’ve always believed the type of life journey I have is dependent upon my will, my outlook, my expectations and the effort I put into it.  I completely own my journey.

Life can be hard at times. We’ve all experienced painful things, maybe even some tragic things. I bet each of us has felt at one time or another that we’ve been whacked over the head with the baseball bat that is “part of life”. It can whack you so hard, a hit up side of your head, a smack in the gut, and down you go.

The choices we make at these times are our most important. Once we’ve mourned and nurtured ourselves, which we must make the time for, do we continue to dwell on what we’ve lost, hide from making a new life? Or do we choose to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and face forward rather than backwards? Do we take steps onto a new path and let our good memories open our heart and mind to new possibilities? I hope so, while I recognize how difficult that can be.

Like it or not, we sure can’t control everything that happens to us in life.  But we absolutely can control how we react to the consequences of our choices, and to those unexpected things that we had no control over but just happened through no action of our own.  Have you heard the saying “life is like a coin, you only spend it once”?  My goal is to spend my coin wisely, generously and courageously. I want my coin to be well spent. My hope is that we all are mindful and purposeful in how we live our lives, so in the end we can each say our own life has been a fantastic journey, so very well spent.


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