Barbara Brekke
Barbara Brekke is a professional speaker on a national level, a certified life coach, and author. She founded “Go Beyond Your Dreams” following her passion to empower others in turning their dreams into reality. Barbara has appeared on Story Jam, and been interviewed on the Jamie Meloni That Business Show and Keep It Local TV. Articles about her has been in the Dunndeal Gazette and The Laker.

She is a firm believer, and living proof, that where a person comes from (or where they are now) does not define where they can go and who they can become.

Having grown up in a troubled home, Barbara saw firsthand in her mother the helplessness of someone with no plans or resources for change. At fifteen, due to the situation at home, Barbara was placed in another home – leaving everyone she knew behind – and started a new life. She learned at that young age that you must have a plan and goals to move forward in challenging situations.

After spending over twenty years in the corporate world, Barbara used her large project management skills to create a user friendly process to turn dreams into reality. This same process can be used to help someone move through a challenging life situation. Sharing this process with others, so they can create and live their dream life, is something Barbara very much enjoys.

Her goal is to provide others with the tools to clarify what they want in life, and a successful path to achieve that. Nothing is impossible. We can all live an extraordinary life!