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We are all so busy, we almost feel guilty when we take a little downtime. But life shouldn’t be all work and no play. That isn’t healthy. We know that, but still don’t always make time to play. So, schedule some time to be intentionally lazy. In planning how you want to enjoy your time and actually scheduling it, you will reduce the guilt of taking time off.  Hey, it’s planned.

Yes, it takes a lot of focus and time to achieve big goals. And the results are certainly worthwhile. But we do need recreation time in order to re-energize and clear our minds. Take your vacation time from work, so many of us do not. Commit to taking that time off and enjoying it thoroughly. If that makes you feel a little guilty or selfish because others may be counting on you for many things, replace in your vocabulary the word “selfish” with “self-care”.  In order to take care of anyone else, you have to take good care of yourself first. You can’t do for others unless you’re strong enough to do for yourself.  So plan some downtime a couple times a month and be intentionally lazy. Do it!


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