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“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”  William Shakespeare

April really is such a beautiful month, full of new life and promise. It starts with April Fool’s Day, which can be a lot of fun.  This month two very important religious holidays are observed, both Passover and Easter. And we also celebrate Patriot’s Day and Earth Day. Because April signifies new beginnings it seemed a great month to write about renewal, gratitude and starting over by leaving regrets behind.

A Time of Renewal

Springtime is such a celebration of renewal.  April showers do bring May flowers. Many flowers are already blooming and trees are growing new leaves, adding beauty to our surroundings. Living in a Florida community with a good portion of conservation land enables me to see the Sand Cranes teach their babies how to walk this time of year. When the babies are really small they can actually trip on the grass, which is so adorable. The Cranes are excellent parents, never letting the little ones out of their sight.

Though spring starts in March and goes into June, April always seems the most like springtime to me. The growth in nature and the warmer weather has such an amazingly positive affect on me psychologically, as it does for others too. It seems to make us feel more hopeful, excited, and joyful.

During this time of renewal, as the days grow longer and warmer, we can capture a sense of freshness and new beginnings. We can start to declutter our homes of the things we needed around us for comfort during the winter months. It’s time to bring in brighter, more cheerful, colors. It’s a great time to celebrate new life and new opportunities. Keep your eyes and mind open, and you will easily find new opportunities for growth within yourself too.


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