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I believe most of us want to continually grow and expand our knowledge and abilities. Not only to improve our own lives, but also the lives of the people we love.  Doing so often requires that we find new challenges that allow us that growth. And, in order to look for and create opportunities for ourselves we need to understand and be able to share with others what it is that makes us unique, different from everyone else.

Some people may feel they aren’t truly unique, or someone “special”, but we all are.  We are all born with certain talents and strengths, and when we add to those what we’ve learned from our own life experiences we can enhance these many times over.

Each of us has been through a series of life experiences and given meaning to those experiences.  They are part of what generated our beliefs and they have certainly impacted our decision making.  Think about the fact that absolutely no one else has had the exact same life experiences you have had. No one has made the same decisions, in the same manner, for the same reasons. When you think about that it’s pretty amazing, and proof positive we are each unique in so many ways.

When we stop and think about our own unique qualities, talents and strengths, we gain confidence in the difference we can make in our own lives and those of others.  So let’s take some time to recognize and celebrate our unique self.  When we do that, we will be more focused on seeking opportunities to grow and enhance our lives.


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