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Choosing bliss means choosing a high degree of happiness, joy and fulfillment. And it is something we can choose if we are mindful of our thoughts and deeds on a regular basis.

One way to choose to live a blissful life is to make peace with your past and find a lesson in mistakes. Give yourself love and forgiveness for past mistakes and regrets and you will see decades of baggage disappear so a new you can be revealed. Keep in mind that no experience is wasted, we can grow from all of them

Wake up an hour early to take time for yourself, to start the day in control of it. Establish a meaningful and empowering routine that works for you to get a head start on making your day a blissful one. In other words, wake up on your terms.

We all find happiness and fulfillment in personal growth, so start practicing a life-enhancing habit. Devote time and energy to your personal improvement and you will add pride and joy to your day. Put time aside to decide which discipline/habit will make the most positive change in your life.

Taking the time to think of all you have accomplished and all you have adds joy to your life. The importance of being grateful cannot be overstated. And of course a great way to add bliss to your life is to practice The Golden Rule.  Be kind and supportive of others, it will come back to you tenfold. And don’t forget to smile!


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