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Many of us move through life at a fast-pace, with a stream of clutter going through our mind. It can make us feel like our brain is in overdrive and we know we need to slow down, create some mind space in order to be really productive. Just like our desks, our minds need to be decluttered from time to time in order to focus on what is really important.

When this happens the first thing to do is step back and review what we are spending time and energy focusing on versus what we want to achieve. Once we’ve got a clear understanding of that we can make any needed changes to our goals. Maybe we need to change our current priorities.

We are often proud that we multitask, however it has been proven that constantly juggling between tasks actually limits our focus and creates mind clutter by making it hard for our brain to filter out unnecessary information. We should prioritize our tasks by importance and fully focus on one at a time. Doing that will enable us to be more efficient and strengthen our time management skills.

Of course, decluttering our workspace so we don’t have to waste thoughts on where things are allows us to spend our time efficiently.  We should focus on being decisive, weighing the pros and cons of an issue and then making up our minds to clear headspace.

One big help in decluttering our mind is limiting the amount of time we spend on social media. This is a hard one for so many of us. I know it is for me. I start reading Facebook posts by various news outlets and am floored by how much time I spend on that. I am working to schedule that time so I spend more time on the things I want to accomplish.  Many of these changes are not easy.

Another way to declutter and calm our mind is to learn to let go and take time to play. If we want to move down a positive path and move forward, we have to leave the old baggage behind. And, our brains need a rest and time to recharge, which happens when we take time to just enjoy life and play.


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