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Spring is in the air and it’s a time when many of us think about love. The weather is usually refreshing and things are starting to grow.  So why not love? Some of us are fortunate to have a partner in our life, and some are thinking about how to go about finding a partner.

While it might not sound romantic, finding a great partner isn’t luck. Like most things worth pursuing it is about knowing what you really want and setting goals to get it. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on this topic, and finding a mate is more scientific and strategic than many may think. After all, you can’t overstate the impact a partner has on your entire life. It’s not something to leave to chance, you are worth more than just settling.

The first step in finding a partner is to take a good look at yourself and what you have to offer a relationship. Is your life in a place where a new partner would easily fit? Is your home set up to include another person, is it a place you would be proud to show to someone?  In other words, is the life you are living today one that can easily include the time and space for a partner? Reflecting on your current life situation will help you be realistic in setting your goals and expectations.

What are your values, and what matters most to you about another person? Being clear about your values is important as you will want to find those same values in a mate.  Interests are not as important because interests can change, values rarely do. Our values are what makes up our core being, and our actions are based on them. That’s why they are so valuable. Many couples find interests they can share, while individually keeping some of their own. This allows for growing separately as well as together and can keep a relationship interesting.

Only after understanding what you have to offer and determining you have created a life and home that can include the type of partner you want, is it time to start looking. Knowing the type of person that would be a good fit for you and make a great potential mate, will enable you to quickly move on from someone truly not suitable for the long term. When you know what values and lifestyle are important to you, it will be much easier to figure out where you might find a partner.  Happy hunting!


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