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We all become overwhelmed at times, which definitely puts stress on our bodies and lives.  Oddly, stress can be brought on by something very positive just as easily as something unpleasant. It can be the result of a wedding, a promotion, or a family or work problem. When we become stressed our immune system takes a hit and our body breaks down a little, or a lot.

Here are a couple tips on handling the stressful times in our lives:

  • Determine the cause. Sometimes we don’t initially recognize we are feeling stressed, we instead notice that we are crabby, rushed or simply don’t want to get up in the morning. Life isn’t as joyful as usual. Once you notice that things just aren’t right, it’s time for some quiet alone time to reflect on the cause. Go through in your mind what is on your plate, and what might be causing your stress. Once you determine the cause you can move forward in handling the situation in a more positive way.
  • Identify what is within your control. When looking at the cause of your stress, acknowledge if it is a situation or circumstance you cannot control. An example might be a stock market crash. You want to focus on what you can control in the situation, fix what you can fix, but if you cannot fix something worrying about it will not help in any way. How you react to a situation is most important to a positive outcome.
  • Manage your time. Review how you are managing your time and life to ensure you are not wasting time worrying, rather than doing. There is no point focusing on past mistakes or regrets. Remind yourself that you have learned from every mistake. Focus on what you can do to ensure a better outcome next time. Managing our time well enables us to accomplish more and keep moving our goals forward.
  • Kick back and relax. During times of stress you may be hesitant to take time off to simply be intentionally lazy.  But this is when some quality downtime is most needed. Be sure and schedule some alone time to simply reflect on those things that are going right, those things for which you are grateful. Put aside time to just have fun with a friend, taking your mind off your concerns.

Often during stressful times it seems the challenges will never end, but keep in perspective “this too shall pass”.  It always does.


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