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There is no escaping that change can be difficult and that even if we want to we normally cannot stop it. Change is a fact of life. So how can we best handle it?

Well, we can start by creating a new belief in order to work through a big change or accomplish a big goal. We can’t change our inner world until we change our outer world. Who do we need to be and what do we need to believe in order to make a big change happen, or to get through one that came our way?  A good start is to visualize how our world will look and feel once the change occurs. This can be accomplished through daily focus on the change, affirmations related to the change and a vision board that shows us in pictures our life after the change. All these efforts can help us move forward and believe we can accomplish big goals.

Break big goals into smaller ones, so that you can see progress along the way and celebrate big and small milestones. It feels good to have goals we can cross off our list on a regular basis. This can keep us motivated and help us monitor whether our timeline and expectations are realistic. We will have time to make adjustments as soon as we see the need.

Put time on your calendar to work on your goals. Even just a small task on your daily to-do list will keep you moving forward and motivated. If you don’t schedule the time you may just never get to the tasks that are important to your desired end result.

Find support, which can include reading books, listening to CDs and/or joining a group that has like-minded people. It is very helpful to talk with people who have already accomplished, or gone through a change similar to what you are facing. You can learn from the mistakes they have already made, and be more prepared for unexpected occurrences.

If we believe in ourselves and that we can successfully get through a big change, we will do so. And we will do it in a positive manner with less stress.


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