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Sometimes as we move forward on a path that we’ve carefully planned, we find things just aren’t going well. That’s when it’s time to reevaluate whether you need to change your plan. There won’t be a real thrill in getting where you are going if the experience is terrible. If you find going after your dream makes you miserable, it’s time to give more thought to what you really want and the reason you want it.

In order to review your chosen path with a fresh mind, change your routine a little every day.  When we go through life seeing, doing and feeling the same thing every day, we become stagnant. We lose our inspiration and motivation. We have a tendency to stick to the same expectations we already have of ourselves. It’s hard to reach your full potential if you get stuck in a stagnant situation.

Try joining a new association, club or networking group. Look for local or online seminars where you can increase your knowledge to help you reach your goals. You may find a like-minded and supportive friend or group to keep you motivated. Take some serious time alone to analyze what’s holding you back. This time of reflection can help you clarify your goals and understand what you need to do to move forward. Or help you realize that you really want to change your goal and take a different path forward. One path often leads to another, more exciting path.


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  1. I like the changing my routine statement here. Sometimes this can make all the difference and open new doors . I also agree that the like minded support group is critical to our success. This article is so helpful. Thank you!

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