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When we are having trouble completing our big goals and they begin to seem overwhelming, it’s often advantageous to step back and look at how we might add some mini-goals.  Mini-goals should be specific and provide a sense of accomplishment.  They enable us to track our progress more efficiently and can provide an ongoing sense of achievement and motivation. Yes, we are moving forward!

Every big goal can be broken down into mini-goals. These mini-goals should be more simplistic and less time consuming than large goals. These goals can even be habits we create for ourselves, actions that will make our lives more enjoyable and/or efficient. These could relate to taking better care of ourselves, examples being meditating, exercising, making healthy food, and taking “me time”.  I know a person who commits to staying offline one day a week. She says it makes her much more productive the other days of the week and it gives her a mental rest.  I plan to try this.

Having mini-goals that enhance our lives gives us the physical and mental stamina to pursue our big goals.   Whatever works for each of us may differ, but as long as we continue to work toward our big dreams we will get where we want to go.


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