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Oh my, how can anyone help but love spring?  Living in Tampa the difference between winter and spring isn’t gigantic but it is surely very anticipated and felt when you’ve lived here awhile. When I lived in Chicago, the difference was huge.  Regardless of where you live, spring is downright refreshing.  It’s a time of growth in nature and wildlife, and it makes us feel optimistic and energized. We can throw open the windows, drive with the windows open, and let in the fresh air. Top that off with longer days, more sunshine and warmth.  What’s not to like?

Spring rain is refreshing and brings plants to life, and the air smells so clean and fresh. The weather is warming up, beautiful animals are coming out of hibernation in colder areas, and flowers start to pop through the earth. Everything in this season reflects renewal. The cycle of life and growth is beginning again.

Let’s not leave out sports.  Baseball season is starting (Go Cubs!) and the NBA and NHL playoffs are kicking off.  There are many sporting events to be enjoyed throughout spring. And there are so many outdoor activities to be enjoyed from long walks to biking and jogging. And, turn on the bar-b-que!

What I like most about spring is that it represents new life and new discoveries, in whatever manner we choose to pursue that. If you started work on some big goals in January, I hope they are going well. If you didn’t, but you have big dreams, spring is a great time to start work on them. A time to “renew” your life and breathe in new air. Go for it!

“Music comes from an icicle as it melts, to live again as spring water.”  Henry Williamson


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