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Within each of us is everything we need to succeed.  We have the passion, the motivation and the drive to create a meaningful and accomplished life. Sometimes it might feel like we’ve lost that motivation because we may not always see or feel it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is there, deep inside, waiting for us to tap into it again.

In the early phases of pursuing a big dream it can feel downright ugly. It might look and feel messy and disjointed, because though we made a plan we have just started walking on a new path. One that hasn’t been plowed, shaped and prettied for us. We might trip and fall, but we can pick ourselves up and get to that first challenging milestone. The unorganized chaos will begin to take shape as we forge a new path forward.

Many big goals may seem almost impossible on day one, and you might be tempted to give up.  Don’t! Take baby steps forward and take pride in your progress. Hug to yourself the joy of getting one step toward where you want to go. These steps will accumulate into miles.

Some of us are better at taking a new journey alone, and many of us do better with others holding us accountable and cheering us each step of the way.  Know what works best for you, and take that path. In addition to an accountability partner, we could join a motivation mastermind group, where others share their wisdom and insights with us.

Whatever it takes, do what works for you in moving forward and making progress. You can do it!


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