“I wanted to leave my job to start a new business but the process seemed overwhelming. After going through the planning steps taught by Barbara Brekke of Go Beyond Your Dreams I was able to lay out a long term plan and start my business while keeping my job until the time is right for me to leave it. A perfect plan for me.”
Mary L
Store Manager

“When I retired I had so many dreams still not realized. With coaching from Barbara I was able to make real steps forward. It made me realize I could make my dreams come true. I have completed several, and now have plans to complete several others.”
Hazel Patala
Retired Reports Specialist

“The Go Beyond Your Dreams workshop helped me make goals for what I wanted to accomplish. I finished some small ones and am still working on big ones. One big one especially, which is to finish school while working full time. Following this process I know I can do it.”
Briana Lise

“After going through a divorce I wasn’t sure where to start in making a new life for myself. Working with the process Barbara has created was so helpful to me. I now have a plan for moving forward and creating a happier life for myself. Making sub-goals was very helpful so I see progress on a continual basis.”
Janet Klempke