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One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to forgive those who have caused us angst in our lives. That isn’t always easy to do to, but it sets us free to move forward in a positive way.  It also helps us clean up our mental world. We all have a tendency to pack up and drag around with us emotional experiences, often the negative ones. These weigh us down and keep us from moving forward with a clear and positive mindset.

Continual replays of past disappointments, conflicts and broken promises, even old relationship clutter can take hold on our hearts and minds. Bottom line, this is mental and emotional litter we don’t want or need. Forgive yourself and anyone that has caused you pain.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend time with that person, by forgiving you free yourself to move forward happily.

Holding onto mental and emotional litter can steal our peace of mind and inhibit our thoughts and goals. If we continuously think of past disappointments and wish for “the good old days”, we can be blocking our potential and progress. We cheat ourselves of a better future if we allow this clutter to take over our thoughts.  It steals our ability to feel enthusiastic and joyful for today and the future.

None of us is immune to regrets and disappointments, these are part of life.  However, we need to stop now and then and analyze what we are allowing to take up space in our hearts and minds.  If there is clutter taking up space, we should take the time to acknowledge it, understand it, and then toss it. Clear out any clutter and fill the new space for fun, laughter and joy.  Freedom to live blissfully!


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