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How do we go from simply having a dream to turning it into an accomplishment?  Many of us have taken the time recently to reflect on what we accomplished last year, as well as what goals we did not meet. We feel great about those things we did complete, but as for those left unfinished….not so much.

Rather than get down on ourselves it’s better to give a lot of thought to the why.  Why didn’t we do what we genuinely wanted to do?  What got in the way, how did we lose motivation?

Perhaps we didn’t have a clearly defined destination, really know specifically what we wanted to accomplish. We must have that clear picture in order to create a comprehensive road map for success. Having a complete plan with clear goals increases our chances of reaching our desired destination. We also need a way to measure our progress and spend time periodically looking at where we are, if we are on schedule, and if we are not we then need to determine why and make a correction in our journey.

Following are some tips you might use to help you on your journey.

  • Ensure you align your goals with your purpose.
  • Write down your goals, and make them specific.
  • Prioritize each goal so you can focus on the most critical ones.
  • Leave your goals where you see them daily.
  • Visualize daily what your life will look and feel like once you achieve your goal.
  • Build a support system of likeminded people, find a mentor if you can.
  • Don’t get down on yourself if you miss a goal, just keep moving forward.
  • Celebrate big and small accomplishments, take the time to feel pride in your success.

Make this year a successful and blissful one.


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